Work Eat Play

Fall 2014, Communication Design project
Instructor: Professor Stacie Rohrbach

01. Project Goal

Conceiving and crafting visual, aural, and temporal representations of data that communicated information in ways that are useful, usable, and desirable.

Click here for the digital version that has rollover sound effects. The TA (Alex Sciuto) provided help in the coding process.

02. Data Collection

I collected data observing my studying patterns and created a poster and digital versions of the visualization. For about three weeks from October 6, 2014 to October 26, 2014, I kept a detailed log of my minute-by-minute activities during time dedicated for work. Details included getting up to get a cup of juice and taking a short 2-minute Instagram break.

03. Synthesizing and Visualizing Data

As I started to analyze and sketch data into a more holistic narrative, I played with different design elements, such as color, shape, and texture to represent my activities and the context.

I experimented with different versions of visual sketches to explore visual possibilities that best summarize the discovered narrative. Different textures and line types were tested to delineate and distinguish "play" and "work."

Design elements to depict the context had to be chosen carefully. I wanted to show weather as a possible determining factor to my life patterns. While color was a straightforward indicator of weather, I struggled with choosing the right patterns and opacity keep it as a secondary visual element for the overall piece.

Interactive elements were later brainstormed onto the poster version of the piece.