The World Bank Group Goals Infographic

Summer 2013, World Bank Twin Goals Infographic re-design for external and internal dissemination

The World Bank Group established two ambitious yet sustainable goals to frame and strengthen the Bank-wide strategy. The first goal, ending extreme poverty, targets to decrease the percentage of people living with less than $1.25 a day to 3% by 2030. The second goal, promoting shared prosperity, aims to increase income growth of the bottom 40% in each developing country.

In order to effectively communicate these two goals to the Bank community as well as external stakeholders, I re-designed an infographic that visualized how and in which areas of development these goals are to be implemented.

The design process involved many iterations and demanded close collaboration with World Bank managers and economists to include accurate data and convincing visual and text elements. The final version is being translated into multiple languages. The infographic was used as part of the outreach efforts of the two goals and was also showcased in a UNA-UK publication.

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